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Vein litigation and stripping for treating varicose veins


Vein litigation and stripping is a method used in treating varicose veins. It is used to reduce the damage to the veins. If there are several veins that have been damaged, then it will have to be stripped. The vein Doctor In SD makes an incision below the vein and an instrument is threaded up the vein. The vein is then removed. The Vein Doctor In San Diego will make one or more incisions will be made on the damaged veins. The vein will be tied off.

What to expect after the surgery


You do not have to stay in hospital for long during this procedure. The vein Specialist San Diego will do the procedure on outpatient basis with general anaesthesia. You will go home on the same day. You are also likely to go back to work within a few days. You can resume recreational activities just after a few weeks.

Why the procedure is done

Vein litigation and stripping is done on the large veins. It is also done to prevent venous skin ulcers from appearing after the treatment has been done. The San Diego Vein Specialist will perform the surgery when you want to get rid of the veins for cosmetic reason and you do not have any health problems. You can also use this treatment method if your legs ache and feel heavy after standing for long. It is also suitable when you have vein that bleeds and you have open sores. Vein litigation and stripping is done if the vein has been damaged where it joins the deep veins in the knee.

Who should not have the procedure?

You should not do the procedure when surgery poses a risk because of other medications or if you have poor circulation in the arteries of your legs. It is not a suitable procedure if you have fluid buildup due to blocked lymph vessels. If you are pregnant, then you cannot go through the procedure.

Is it effective?

Vein litigation and striping removes varicose veins successfully. A higher number of people who have gone through the procedure have had effective results.


There are some risks that you will encounter after doing the procedure. Some of the risks include varicose veins recurring, scarring. There can also be problems with the blood flow when the vein system gets damaged. The risks are similar to those counted after general surgery and they include anaesthesia risks, bleeding and infection. There can also be numbness when the largest vein in the leg has been stripped.

If you have been thinking about going for vein litigation and stripping, you need to talk to you vein Specialist In San Diego first. Ask your San Diego Vein Doctor questions about the procedure before you get started. Make sure that you go to an experienced vein Doctor San Diego to perform the procedure. If the vein has been badly damaged, you have to perform this procedure to prevent further damage. The recovery period is between one to four weeks.

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